Reasons to Choose Hayward Pool Filter Cartridges

With the changing time, people today prefer cartridge filters over sand filters. One of the reasons for the same is the comparatively higher efficiency of cartridge filters in cleaning water. Besides, cleaning and maintaining these filters does not require much effort. Owing to its excellence, Hayward always stays ahead in the competition of pool filters.

Measuring up to the high standards of quality, Hayward pool filter parts continue to be in demand. Based on the requirement of different swimming pools, the brand has come up with excellent pool filter cartridges in varying sizes. These cartridges are durable and at the same time easy to use. All of these are equally efficient, so you can simply choose one according to your needs and budget.

There are some superb features of Hayward pool filter cartridge you should know about:

  • Prepared from first-class material: Just like Hayward pool filters, cartridges from the brand also have a robust design. The core of these cartridges has been crafted using high-quality polyester material which makes it easy to clean. The material is also responsible for the high durability of the cartridge.
  • Servicing is simple enough: Servicing the parts of a pool filter can sometimes be a really troublesome and time-consuming task, especially if they are of a poor quality. However, with Hayward filter cartridges, you will not have to deal with that problem. The union joint situated on the filter makes removing the filter and other adjacent parts an easy and quick process. This in result, saves your time during filter servicing and re-installation.
  • Smooth flow of water: The functionality of your pool filter will be much more smooth and efficient with Hayward filter cartridges. The pleats of the cartridge ensure a smooth flow of water through the filter.
  • Pressure control: The pressure level of the pool filter needs to be monitored regularly. Hayward filter cartridges have safety latches which reduce the pressure when the coverage is being locked.
  • Water loss prevention: For the purpose of preventing water loss while cleaning the pool, these cartridges have a built-in check in valve.
  • Versatility: Hayward pool filter cartridges can maintain the same level of efficiency in both above-ground and below-ground pools.