When you purchase a pool filter for your backyard swimming pool, it is important that you purchase the most appropriate filter in order to ensure pool water safety and hygiene. While several types of pool filter are available in the market, finding the perfect pool filter for your swimming pool or spa can be quite confusing. Cartridge pool filters have become the choicest option of pool owners due to numerous features.

These days many leading pool water filter brands like Hayward, Sta-rite etc. are offering high performance cartridge filters. One such manufacturer of cartridge pool filter is Pentair, which offers cartridge filters that are a perfect match for small inground and aboveground pool markets. Several cartridge filter models offered by Pentair include clean & clear plus 320, Pentair 400 and Pentair 100.

These models feature washable and recyclable filter cartridges for the ultimate pool filtration. Combining top-end filter performance along with low maintenance and high affordability, these cartridge filter models can strip tiny particles as small as 20-30 microns.

Pentair's properly designed core provides maximum filter surface area to capture more dirt along with extended time between cleaning. Moreover, with the increase in surface area, the flow increases, thus creating a uniform flow distribution throughout the entire filtering element thus increasing its longevity as well as performance.

These filters use replaceable paper or fabric-like pleated cartridges as their filter medium, thereby relieving pool owners from the hassle of manual cleaning. We at poolfilters.biz have become specialized providers of pool filter cartridges and that too of all leading brands. Browse through our site pool filters to have a glimpse of our vast range of pool products and accessories.