After a long and tiring day, the first thing that strikes the mind is a relaxing spa or pool. The maintenance of the pool and spa is a tedious task, but this should be practiced regularly. Following are the details of a few filters that you can use to ensure the cleanliness of your spa and pool.

Unicel C-4340: This replacement filter cartridge is ideal for spas as it can handle a top load of 40 square foot. With specifications of OEM # 1561-03 the filter replaces Filbur # FC-3081, Pleatco # PMT40 and Unicel # C-4340. The length of the filter is 11 5/8” and the width is 15/16”. The top and the bottom of the filter has 2 1/8” open holes. Made of excellent material, this filter is easy to handle.

Jacuzzi Filters

Unicel C-5404: Keeping all the impurities away from the pool and spa water, is this replacement filter. The filter has specifications of Pleatco # PDO40-4, Filbur# FC-3097, OEM # 1561-09 and Unicel # C-5404. This is one of the best deals as the filter has a open hole at the top measuring 1 15/16" and a open hole at the bottom measuring 7/8". The length is 17” and the width is 5-1/2". Easy to install, this product makes the work of purifying water an easy task.

Unicel 4CH-65: This replacement filter is one of the best that you can opt for. It has technical specifications of Pleatco # PTL65H-P-4, OEM # 1561-06, 1561-07, Unicel # 4CH-65 and Filbur# FC-0171. This is a perfect fit for swimming pools and spas as its length is 19 5/8" and the width is 4 5/8". The top of the filter has a moulded cone and the bottom of the filter has a 1 1/2” open hole.

Unicel 7CH-975: One of the best rated products, this replacement filter can handle a top load of 75 Sq. Ft. The technical specifications are Pleatco # PDO75, Filbur# FC-0475, OEM # 1561-12 and Unicel # 7CH-975. The semi-circular handle situated at the top of the filter and the open hole at the bottom measuring 1 ½”, 10-1/2" length and 7” width makes it an ideal pick.

Get complete protection from the impurities present in the pool and spa water by using quality filters. Bringing your search to an end are Dimension One Spa filters. Get started and choose from the wide range of products available according to your requirement.