As compared to yesteryears when hot tub spa was considered to be a luxury item, it has become more of a value addition to your home keeping in view the myriad of health benefits offered by it. So, when you are thinking of getting a new spa installed in your home, it is not just important to be visually attractive but should be designed using advanced technologies to ensure better performance.

The modern day spas are designed keeping in mind certain key elements such as filtration, insulation and sanitation technologies. One of the most notable innovations in the spa industry is the technologically advanced filtration system. This type of filtration system reduces the use of chemical disinfectants by a significant amount.

hottubsBesides the filtration system, modern day spa also uses state-of-the art insulation technologies.  An amalgamation of sustainable spray foam and a wrap offers a high-end insulation system that retains the heat inside your hot tub much after the power source is switched off, therefore aiding in energy conservation.

Designed using advanced technology; spas available today include an ozoniser set up into the plumbing.  An ozoniser sanitizes hot tub water without the use of harmful chemicals. When used in conjunction with a superior quality filter, the amount of chemicals used such as chlorine can be reduced by a considerable amount.  So, do not compromise on quality while choosing your hot tub make sure to purchase energy efficient, advanced filtration with top of the line sanitation systems combined with stylish and visually attractive designs.

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