Read on to find out how to prolong the life of your cartridge - swimming pool cartridge!

cheap filter cartridges View of dirty filters (left), and cleaned filters (right)

Swimming pool is a great place to have a party or a get together or maybe after you have had a hectic day or a week at work, just come home to a nice backyard pool evening! But would you or your friends like to step into a dirty pool or a pool full of debris and germs? Well, no one likes to plunge into a filthy pool, so how about cleaning your pool regularly and also enhancing your pool cartridge life?

>> Clean the pool water regularly with a regular net so that loose debris like leaves and random dirt does not get stuck in the pool filter. If bigger debris gets stuck in between the filters, the efficiency drops and cartridges get spoiled easily. Thus, skimming the surface of the water regularly will reduce those chances
>> Another advice for all those who want to prolong the life of the Pool Filters is to switch off the pump, take out the cartridge and clean it properly. There will be dirt and dust accumulated. You may not want to go in for a proper cleaning every week but just rinsing it off with clean water and taking out the stuck dirt, will help a lot!
>> Another great option is to replace your cartridge frequently so that efficiency levels are always maintained! Make sure you get your cartridge from a well known supplier who can give you advice on the type of cartridge and filters to buy! Have you heard about Pool Filters? Visit Pool Filters at for more details about their products and services!

It is your swimming pool - take good care of it! Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual and do as directed