Prepare Your Swimming Pool for Summer

While setting up your swimming pool for summer, you need to implement some measures so that the pool stays in the best condition. It basically involves checking different parts of the swimming pool and making the necessary adjustments. Preparation of your swimming pool involves the following steps.

Lubricating important areas:

  • Pump trap o-ring: The o-ring in the pump needs to be lubricated, as it will be used after a long time. However if the ring is cracked, flattened or deformed in any other manner, it is better to replace it.
  • Petcock valve: The petcock valve is responsible for relieving the air pressure in the pump. Lubrication of this valve is necessary for the pump to function smoothly.
  • Backwash valve: The backwash valve maintains the optimal pressure in the pool filtration system. The o-rings of this valve should be lubricated regularly. Damaged o-rings should be replaced.

Run the Pump According to Temperature Changes:

While preparing your pool for summer, it is better to run the pump according to the daytime temperature. For instance, if the temperature is 30 degrees, it is ideal to run the pump for about 3 hours.

Clean the Pool Filter Cartridges Thoroughly:

The filter is one of the most important parts of a swimming pool. It is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and clarity of pool water. Most of the swimming pools use cartridge filters as they are easy to maintain. The pool filter should be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis, as the accumulation of dirt and debris can hamper the filtration system. This in turn, can spoil the quality of the pool water. When you buy pool filter products, it is better to include cleaning accessories in your list so that you can consistently maintain your pool filter.

Replace the Pool Filter Cartridges at the Right Time:

Your pool filter can run on the same cartridges but not for a very long time. On continued usage, swimming pool filter cartridges get worn out despite being cleaned regularly. At this point, it is better to use replacement cartridges instead of old ones. In some cases, the cartridges may also get damaged. Every time you clean the cartridges, keep replacement cartridges handy. This way you can check the filter cartridges for damage and replace them immediately.

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