Filtering systems that are widely acclaimed and acknowledged for their porosity are cartridge filters. This filter is designed fabulously and has a compactness that renders it possible for installation in any kind of ponds. The filtering medium is well fabricated with polypropylene micro fibers that are thermally bonded and has a high dirt resisting capacity. This filament also does not affect filter pressure and gives ceaseless performance.

These kinds of filtering medium are free from additives and carry out matchless filtering processes. They have an innate capacity to hold particles that are microscopic in size. Dirt, microbes, algae, minerals and all other impurities get clogged on the surface of the filament. Hence, the filter remains a marvelous means to get rid of impurities found in pool water. Installing a Doughboy cartridge filter in pools is sufficient to clog impurities that eventually pile up on the cartridge filtering medium. Henceforth, simple pressure cleaning of the cartridge with water releases the dirt from its surface.

Cleaning of clogged filters may sometimes require rinsing in muriatic acids and solutions of chlorine. This is required to kill the micro-organisms and release sticking particles from the surface of the cartridge in use. The cartridges are also replaceable and so open up the scope to completely abandon the cleaning need. Just getting cartridges replaced solves the purpose of filter cleaning.

The cartridge filter can be used for long periods and one replacement filter cartridge can easily be used for an entire season. The cartridge of such filters just needs regular checks and cleaning is done whenever they are clogged with impurities.