Backwashing system is totally absent in today’s pool filters. Cartridge filters are specially designed and built to cut off air and make the system air tight. There is no reason of any set back as the system traps all kind of dirt particles and coagulates them on the surface of the filtering medium. As this happens it results in reassurance of ridding pools from their impurities.

Pool users never feel laid back or their ponds unclean on using this amazingly built swimming pool equipment. The filter when installed in ponds takes charge and dutifully cleans water used in the pools. This is what adds on the appeal for buying cartridge filters of brands like Astral, Jacuzzi, Hayward and others. There is no doubt that this accessory is developed based on a superior technology that eliminates backwashing needs, coagulates contaminants and cleans ponds with the best response and outcome.

This filter can be used for an extended period, even for an entire season with the need to just replace its cartridge or clean it whenever clogging takes place. Cleaning the cartridge is made simple as there is no need of manual labor. Just flushing with water is sufficient for ridding sticking impurities from the surface of the cartridge element.

The filter can be used and reused for exaggerated time periods. It is simply because this gadget is extremely tough and lasts for unprecedented durations that can even extend for life-long terms. It is the benefit offered by this filtering element that keeps people tagged to it life-long.