Treatment of your pool water is an important concern. It needs efficient filters and effective sanitizers. Here we explain some important measures for pool water treatment.

The water in your swimming pool needs to be regularly tested and balanced accordingly, so that it stays clean and safe. Maintenance of pool involves significant effort, but still it is an important routine for the safety of your pool. From manual measurements to advanced testing, there are numerous methods for testing and treating your pool water. The method you choose should fit your schedule and come within your budget.  

Following are some points which will give you a better idea about pool water treatment and make it easier for you to choose the best-suited option for the same.

Treatment with Chlorine
If you are thinking of an economical sanitizer for your pool water, chlorine is the best option. It is highly effective in preventing the growth of microbes in pool. It provides a two-way advantage. On one hand, it acts as a sanitizer and kills all microbes in pool water. On the other hand, it acts as an oxidizer and keeps the pool water free from unwanted organic impurities such as sweat and oil. The optimal level of chlorine in swimming pools is 1 to 4 ppm. Chlorine can also be used in shock treatment of water. The levels are as high as 10 ppm in this case.

You need to add a stabilizer to pool water to prevent chlorine from burning off in sunlight. Normally cyanuric acid is used as a stabilizer for pools. Chlorine levels need to be checked along with pH and total alkalinity on a regular basis.

Alternatives for Chlorine
Some pool owners prefer to keep their pools free from chlorine. Bromine and biguanide can be used as alternatives to chlorine. These are very effective in sanitizing pool water. Bromine works better with warm water and thus is more commonly used in hot tubs.

Monitoring Your Pool Filter
Your pool filter is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and clarity of water in your swimming pool. Clean the filter and its cartridges regularly. Check the cartridge for damage and replace it if it has any tears or cracks. Get the swimming pool equipment periodically serviced by a pool service engineer. It is always beneficial to seek the advice of a professional.   

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