Pool filters comprising of cartridges are found to be amazing products for keeping swimming pools users abreast with latest cleaning methodology and processes. The pool filter is an effective means to separate out particles from the water and deposit them on the cartridge surface. This method of cleaning pools finds recognition as it is a powerful means to trap all suspended impurities. The filter element of cartridge filters is made up of polyester filaments and they are master elements in filtering out particles extraneously found in the water.

There is no resemblance of this filter with any other pool equipment. Its cartridge has pores that are evenly spread out on the filtering medium. The pores can trap particles sized up-to 5 microns. Hence, the cleaning process gets exalted and such filters are found coagulating impurities of all kind on their surface. The dirt that gets compiled on the filtering medium can be removed by flushing with water. Muriatic acids and chlorine can also be used for killing microbes and releasing sticky minerals. The filtering medium thus becomes clean and reusable.

Whenever the cartridges become overused, it is recommended that they should be replaced with new ones. The replacement just takes a few minutes and so the filtering system can be used non-stop. Hayward cartridges are good choice but other brands like Astral, Jacuzzi and Starite are also marvelous ones. These filtering parts can be used for considerable period of time without any replacement or change. People have started to opt for this filter seeing its huge benefits.