Pool Plan Against Algae

Every pool owner would unanimously agree that blooming algae is one of their worst nightmares. Algae can ruin the look of your pool within a night and should be constantly kept in check. Algae can bloom within a night and to ensure complete prevention it is important to know what causes the growth of algae.

Following are Some of the Common Factors:

  • Hindrance in Water Circulation:
    Minimal or no water circulation is one of the major reasons of the growth of algae. Hence, it is important to keep your pool pump in check. It is also necessary to install a quality pool filter there are mainly three kinds of filters, each with its own pros and cons, but cartridge filters can ensure optimum hygiene along with effortless installation and maintenance. There are various pool filter suppliers which provide superior-quality products through online stores.
  • One should also constantly monitor the filter pressure as a sudden increase is a notification for blooming algae.
  • Natural Causes:
    Wind can continuously contaminate your pool with algae spores and the trick to avoid that along with other contaminants such as plant debris, is to use an effective pool cover.
  • Contaminated Equipment:
    Another common cause of algae is contaminated equipment. You can use the best of pool filter cartridges but that would prove highly insufficient if you don’t clean them regularly. A filter cartridge needs to be backwashed, that is rinsed with a garden hose on a regular basis, and for efficient cleaning you can soak it in a non-foaming solution and scrub it gently with a brush.

There are various ways in which you can avoid algae build-up and in this case, you should always start with chemicals such as chlorine. A regular dose of chlorine is an efficient way to ensure cleanliness, but one can also go for automatic chlorinators.

Apart from cleansing, it is also important to regularly replace your filter. Hayward pool filter parts are advisable for installation as well as replacement as they can guarantee effective cleansing and can be commonly found on online stores. Lastly, it is popularly said that, “Prevention is better than cure”, so always prepare your pool well in advance to deal with problems during a windy or rainy season. Few ways to weatherize your swimming pool

Recommended Product

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