swimming pool filter cartridges

Kids will be kids and they will always have endless demands especially when it comes to their much awaited pool party. Right from the snacks to the games, kids are overexcited for everything. However, there is just one thing that kids oversee and that is cleanliness. Before you plan a perfect pool party, set a perfect pool for them. All you need to do is check the pH level of the water and adjust it accordingly. Further, make sure that your pool filters are in a good condition and if its cartridge is overloaded with dirt, then use a replacement filter cartridge and make your pool clean again.

Now, when the cleaning task is done, it’s time for party games. There are various fun ideas that will make sure that your kids and their friends enjoy to the maximum. Some of the cool ideas are mentioned in here, have a look.


This will be one of the most interesting games that your kid will love. Take a rope with length as much as the pool and take two boards or rafts on which kids can balance without getting wet. Now, divide the kids into two teams. The task will be to get to start the journey from one end of the pool to the other on the board using the rope and without getting wet. The team with maximum number of dry players will win.


Here again make two teams. The one will be the battleship and the other will be the submarine. Both the teams will have their base centers at the opposite sides of the pool. Now, the battleship members have to tease the submariners and the submariners have to catch them in water before the battleship members get to their base.


This is one of the most beloved games for kids. Make one kid the shark or say the cop and the rest will be minnows or the thieves. As soon as the shark catches any of the minnows, that minnow will be the shark then. Now this is what we call as a simple and fun filled game.

These were some of the ideas to make your kid’s pool party memorable for him and for his friends. To add more spice, you can put in various pool toys and decorate the pool. However, one thing that I mentioned in the very first paragraph must be considered before you organize the party. For a healthy pool party you need to have a healthy pool and it’s your pool filter that keeps a check on the pool’s health. Don’t hesitate to get a replacement pool filter cartridge whenever required, as cleanliness is first step to health and happiness.