The simplicity of pool filtration has been exemplified with the introduction of latest pool
technology and major brands working to launch products in cognizance with the new technology.

The filters in place belong to major brands such as Astral, Jacuzzi and Hayward. These filters
are easy to install and they are easily adaptable to any kind of swimming pools.

Filters of these types have very powerful filtering capability and their maintenance is also much
simpler and easier as compared to the old sand-type filters. The pleats of the cartridge filament
render an impasse for dirt particles to escape in the pool water. It has the capability to coagulate
particles sized even 5 microns and that really is a boost to the filtering technology that has been
in place all these days. So, it is very obvious that pond-users are replacing their old filtering
mediums with the new types.

These new form of filters are specially designed and given a compact shape. They need very
less space for installation and their ability to distill out dirt suspended in the water is enormously
great. They are not one time use-able filters but are replacement filter cartridges. This means that their
clogged cartridges can be replaced with new ones instead of re-using them. However, the option
of re-using a cartridge is not completely nullified as they can be cleaned. Cleaning cartridges
just requires immersing the clogged cartridge in muriatic acid solution and rinsing in water. This
cleans the dirt and hence pool filter cartridges can be reused.