All through these years pool owners have been relying on traditional filter like Sand and D.E. However, the advent of cartridge filters has revolutionized the entire concept of pool filtration owing to their low cost of maintenance, high affordability besides great performance. We at offer an entire range of cartridge filters of leading brands like Haywards, Astral, Jacuzzi etc.

Pool owners have greatly been impacted by the problems offered by traditional pool filters like backwashing in sand filters and refilling in D.E filters. We offer pool filter cartridges that efficiently filter out contaminants from the pool system. The cartridge element of these filters is made up of numerous pleats made up of polyester. The contaminants get trapped in the pleats of the cartridges so that pool water clarity and hygiene is maintained.

Cartridge filters offered by us have overcome all the drawbacks of conventional filters. Our filters have become highly popular among the fraternity of pool owners as they are technologically more advanced than any other filter in the market.

The filters offered by us are compact in size and can also be easily installed without the help of experts. These filters are very easy to maintain as the dirty cartridge could be cleaned up by rinsing with water. However, if the contaminants comprise of oils and body lotions then it would be difficult to get rid of them by simply rinsing with water. In such cases, the soiled cartridge should be soaked in a cleansing solution overnight.

So, if you are looking for pool products and accessories offering little or no maintenance then browse through our site Pool Filters