The pool users’ concern about pumping thousands of gallons of water through the filtering system every couple of hours to enable filtration of the water no longer need to be followed strictly. This is valid in old filters and filtering systems. But the new pool filters are cartridge enabled and that allows filtration of water to take place almost twenty-four hours.

The cartridge of the filters is made up of a distinct filament that is capable of trapping all kind of dirt on its pores. People know them as polyesters and they are fibrous filaments that have very tiny pores to resist the flow of impurities. Only water can escape and anything else has to settle down on its surface.

The filtration with such amazing pool equipment is a continuous process and people can really make their pond water crystal clean and vivid. They are compact and serve as an anonymous means to get the water cleansed and purified without the need of installing huge filtering systems and big pumps. Infact, they function better than the old filters as their filtering medium can trap particles that are even 5 microns sized. Thus, minerals, microbes, algae and everything else get trapped and there is no escape for these extraneous particles.

Whenever their cartridge gets clogged, it is also easy to get them cleaned by simply hosing with water, muriatic acids and chlorine. The use of acids is required only when the cartridge has sticky substances on its surface. Just one time washing cleans it off all dirt. Replacement of the cartridge is also possible.