Swimming pools, no matter, how large their size can be kept clean by installation of cartridge filters. This equipment has very good cleaning ability and is suitable for being fitted in any kind of pool system. The filter has overcome past drawbacks of pool filtering systems as nowadays this equipment has completely nullified the need of backwashing or refilling of DE matter whenever dirt coagulation takes place.

The accessory provides an incredible edge for keeping ponds safe and dirt-free. Whenever, this equipment is fitted in ponds it ends the concern of pool users to rid swimming pools of contaminants and to keep them clean. As safety level increases and pool systems become rapid water flow systems, this equipment can really be of some great worth for users. The accessory has loads of good material incorporated within it. Cartridge filter has a vibrant filament made up of porous material usually polyesters of the type like polyethylene or polypropylene. This filament has an inherent capacity to hold particles of 5 to 10 micron size.

There is no resemblance of this filter with the old ones. The reason is old filters are bulky, large and occupies big space. This is not so with the cartridge filter that is manufactured by brands like Intel, Starite and Jacuzzi. They are cozy and portable and easily installable. Whenever the need for washing arises, they are also easily removable from pond systems.

Cleaning the filter is easy and just water flushing and rinsing in muriatic acid is found to be sufficient for making clogged cartridges clean. It eases and fixes up problems associated with pool cleaning. The equipment can be washed anytime and it takes just few minutes.