Why should you have a well maintained pool filter cartridge?

It is imperative your pool filter cartridges is well maintained to get the most out of your pool filter. The filter should be protected from “clogging”. All foreign elements including detergent, chemicals, fats, oils…etc. can clog the filter.

Increase the longevity of your Cartridge Pool Filter:

1. Pool chemistry is of utmost importance. Make sure proper balance is maintained.
2. Read the user’s manual and clean the pool filter cartridge accordingly.

3. Do not use a hard scrubber or hard brush to clean the cartridges. They might get damaged.
4. Use two cartridges in rotation. This will reduce wear and tear of both.

Cleaning Instructions:

* Take out the cartridge from the filter lodging.
* Use a water jet to wash the pool filter working from top down.
* Soak the cartridge in mild detergent overnight, flush out all impurities and then fit it back.

Do not over use a pool filter. Pool filters usually need to be replaced every one or two years depending on the intensity of use. If maintained properly you can expect your cartridge to last that long.