Choosing the right pool products is extremely important for a pool owner. Out of all the pool products and accessories, the pool pump and filter are the most essential ones. However, you must not just install any random filter and pump. Make sure that you conduct a proper research before buying the products, so that you choose the best for your swimming pool. Let us have a look at why the pump and the filter are important for a swimming pool.

Pool Filter and Pump

The Importance of a Pump and a Swimming Pool Filter
One of the most important things that a pool owner must know is that, the pool pump and the filter work together. The pump circulates the water of the swimming pool and pushes it into the filter. The filter cartridge traps all the impurities present in the water of the swimming and pushes the purified water back into the pool. This purified water is once again circulated by the pump and mixed with the rest of the water. This process keeps repeating till the entire pool water gets purified.

How to Choose?
When once a pool owner decides to buy a pump or a filter, he/she might get confused with the numerous options available in the market. Always remember that choosing a branded product is of extreme importance, as high-quality products function efficiently for several years. Atlantic pool products are known for their durability and top-notch performance.

About Pool Pumps
Pool pumps must always be chosen carefully. If you own a small pool, you must choose a small pump and if you have a large pool, then a large pump should be your preference. Installing a small pump in a large pool will be of no use as the you will have to run the pool for a long period of time – this will consume a lot of energy. Vice versa, a large pump in a small pool will also be waste of energy.

About Pool Filters
Since pool filter cartridges trap all the dirt of the pool water, it is important to keep them clean. Make sure you back wash the filters once in every two to three weeks and deep clean them once in every three months. Also, when required, you must opt for pool filter cartridge replacement. This is sure to keep your swimming pool like new for years to come.