Maintaining a swimming pool, filtering it on a regular basis, making sure that the hygiene and sanitation levels are above par all the time etc. is a costly and tedious affair. In fact, if you have a Spa pool, Jacuzzi or a public pool, care needs to be taken in an extra way and this definitely means more money and capital investment. Swimming pools also consume a lot of energy in terms of electricity which again makes it a money spending venture.

Well, here are some tips to reduce the bills and conserve energy levels:

  • Do you have a pool that is meant for the general public? In such a case there is always a peak time and lean time. If you think early mornings are busy for you and may be afternoon is not busy and is a lean time, how about adjusting your pool temperature/thermostat accordingly? Remember to turn off the heating system when not in use
  • If you want to maintain a nice and non-money guzzling pool, keep updating it on a regular basis. How old is your filtration and heating system? Is it very old? If yes, change it. Many new models and energy saving filtration systems are there in the market which are light on the pocket and need negligible maintenance too
  • Cleaning the cartridges and filters on a regular basis is a must. Cartridges have a tendency to get clogged. Thus, depending on the type of cartridge you have and the type of filtration process you have installed, make sure they get cleaned and de clogged or else unnecessary wastage and use of energy will happen
  • Did you know that the perfect, healthiest and safest temperature of a swimming pool is 78 F? If your heating is more than this, it may mean more heat bills. Maintain at 78 F and your pool will not only be safe and healthy but also will not unnecessarily crank up your heat bills

Above all, maintaining the pool regularly, cleaning it every few weeks and getting it inspected from an authorized body ensures minimal overhead expenses!

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