Pools when used on a regular basis need maintenance. For this sake the pools need to be fitted with latest pool accessories that are important for keeping ponds safe and clean. One of the pool equipment that is mandatory for the cleaning of a pond is a filter. The filters come in varied forms like sand, DE and cartridge types. Among these, the cartridge filter finds the best recognition as there is no need to backwash the filtering medium. It can simply be used to trap unwanted matter in its cartridge medium. The impurities that are normally trapped are microbes, algae, dirt particles ranging up-to 5 microns and other organic substances. So, the users feel relieved about the way unwanted matter gets trapped in and are subsequently removed from the filtering medium. It is my experience that using a Hayward Pool filter makes a real difference in the way pools are optimized. The real-time difference comes in being successful in manifesting a pond that has crystal clean water, runs for 24 hours and used in all seasons without a break. This is possible because the pores of the filtering medium can trap in particles that are minute leaving no passage for their escape into the water of the pond. So, while the water seeps through the pores, the impurities are held back by the Swimming pool filter cartridges. Then I found that cleaning of the cartridge also becomes absolutely simple by replacing it with a new one. The cartridge of any brand can be used as a replacement part. This can be done on a continuous basis and the water of your swimming pond remains pure and fit to be re-used in every season.