Pool filtration of highest grade can be achieved with the use of cartridge filters. Such filters are exceptionally brilliant pool equipment that can be used on a continuous basis for cleaning of the water used in swimming pools. This high grade equipment paves the way for making of exceptional ponds where people can spend time swimming and engage themselves in water-sports.

The swimming pool becomes a marvelous ground for water related activities with the installation of Intex cartridge filters or Waterway filter cartridges. There is reason to believe that the filters offer pure and vivid water to the users. This is because they are made up of filaments that prevent dirt particles from getting released in the pool water. The particles can have size of 5 to 10 microns that is very minute and invisible to normal eyes. So, algae, microbes, minerals and all other forms of impurity get deposited on the cartridge surface.

Filtering systems of this grade are very much advantageous in comparison to old filter types. There is no more need to backwash pool systems and the filters are also easy to clean. Coagulated filtering systems just need to be washed with jets of water and rinsed in muriatic acid solutions. The acid kills microbes and other living organisms trapped on the surface of the filament and the water just flushes out the impurities. The cartridge then becomes ready for reuse. It can be reinstalled in the filtering system and used for cleaning of the pool water.