The pool filters that are brought to use in recent times are no longer the same exhaustive ones that were used previously. There is no longer the need to use sand and DE matter in filters. The filtration capability of filters is now exalted by the use a thin filtering medium that is diabolic for dirt as it resists even 5- 6 microns particles from escaping into the pool water. Such filters users cartridge as their filtering medium. The filtration need of pool users is achieved uninterruptedly as the cartridge filters can be used non-stop for 24 hours so as to help pool users achieve this end.

With the enhanced capability of such pool filters to separate dirt from water and make the pool water crystal clean, swimming pools can now be maintained with more ease. The filter filament has antibacterial protection, antibiotics separation, oil additive filtration capability and other contamination separation capability. Thus the filters serve as marvelous pool equipments for enabling the ponds to remain safe from contaminants. They are made of pleats of polyester based filament that have tiny pores for capturing dirt particles. So, microscopic particles and bacteria that are not traceable get trapped on the filtering medium.

The best thing about such filters is that the cartridge is replaceable and the replacement filter cartridges are available at discounted prices. No matter, whether a pool user buys a Hayward replacement part or an Astral replacement cartridge, it is going to be affordable. So, pool users are saved from the pain of cleaning the clogged cartridges.