Simplistic operation and low maintenance requirements of pool filters have set new standards as far as pool cleaning is concerned. The performance, dependability, and value of filters are admirable and hence they are trusted for being infallible filtering medium. The use of cartridge filter as an improved version of pool filtration technology is in use to render the best filtration possible. Their maintenance is not a big problem as it is governed by regular cleaning and keeping a watch on filter pressure.

Water is made to pass through the sieves of cartridges and hence dirt is screened on the surface of the cartridge element. This is the process involved in carrying out filtration with cartridge filters. As water passes through the medium, fine particles get coagulated along with the larger ones. The deposition of larger particles creates more resistance for the smaller ones. Hence, the filtering medium is found to get piled up with unwanted impurities. The clogging takes place randomly and thus the filters need cleaning on a regular basis. Cleaning is done by flushing in water and rinsing the cartridge in muriatic acid.

The use of filter brands like Jandy, Sta-rite and Waterway are more common among pool users. It is found that such filters play a more prominent role in keeping ponds clean and active. The use of such pool filtering technology is being applauded by the new generation pool users. It is the most trusted and relied upon filter in today’s age. The technology has made it possible to keep pools clean without much effort such as back-washing.