The introduction of new cartridge filters has set in a new era where pool cleaning is no longer a difficult job. Users feel good about the processes brought to use to get the swimming pools cleaned completely. The new filters are fitted with cartridges that have evenly distributed pores on its surface. The pores play a significant role in ridding the water from annoying dirt and impurities.

There is good reason to believe that the cartridges in use are soft filaments built with advanced technologies. The filaments are made up of polyester based materials and they serve as an active medium for getting all the impurities trapped in them. Even microscopic elements having the size of 5 microns get trapped. So, all form of microbes, minerals and impurities are found clogged on the cartridge surface. The makers of such good cartridge filters are brands like Hayward, Astral, Doughboy and others.

Cartridge filters are extra-ordinary filtering medium that serve a crucial role in keeping swimming pools clean. They are made superior than the old filtering mediums. Their cleaning is also much simpler as there is no more the need of backwashing. The filters whenever they get clogged just need washing with clean jets of water and then rinsing in solutions of muriatic acids and chlorine. This kills all micro-organisms and relieves the filtering medium from sticking impurities. The cartridges can then be reinstalled and reused for restarting the cleaning process in pools. This system of cleaning ponds is very in use these days and it reigns over all existing pool cleaning technologies.