inground pool cleaners automaticFor those who owe a backyard swimming pool, their prime concern is pool water hygiene and sanitation. While pool filters are responsible for sanitizing pool water from all sort of suspended impurities, some sort of pool cleaning equipment is required for cleaning the pool floors and side walls. While many types of pool cleaners are available for pool maintenance, pool cleaners automatic have proved to be the most appropriate.

Pool cleaners automatic clean away all the un-necessary debris that manages to make way into your pool. Though, a bit expensive these type of pool cleaners are much efficient than the manual ones. Pool cleaners automatic allow you to focus on other tasks and enjoy more time in the pool as it does all the cleaning job for you and that too without your personal monitoring.

There are three main types of pool cleaners automatic available in the market. Their basic function is to draw away sediment and debris from the walls or floor surfaces of a pool by generating power from either the pools filter pump or an electric motor.

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