Pool cleaning is a tedious task and something that scares most pool owners to death (if I’m not wrong). Automatic swimming pool cleaners can not only make pool cleaning a “I love doing it” phenomenon, but also clean pools most effectively.

Here’s a know-how of Automatic Pressure-Side Cleaners:

Automatic Pressure-Side Cleaners

Run by water pressure from a pump, either a dedicated (booster) or the main circulation pump, the cleaner is pushed around the pool.  The water pressure also forces debris into a bag that is designed to collect it.  A pressure side pool cleaner is a perfect choice if your pool collects a lot of debris or is positioned near trees.  The reason is your pool filter or pump basket does not get clogged up since this cleaner does not suck the debris into them.  This is then allows a longer interval between cleanings.

The walls of the pool are not cleaned as well with a pressure side pool cleaner.  Also they are unable to filter small particles through the cleaner bag. The pressure side cleaners do not act similar to a moving drain which a suction side cleaner does.  We have more information on a bit further down.

There are advantages to both types of pumps that run the pressure side cleaners.  A dedicated pump (booster) will get your pool a bit cleaner.  Since a non-dedicated pump will start to lose its effectiveness as your filter gets dirty plus it’s always operating when your main pump is on and subject to more wear, your cleaner will last longer with a dedicated pump.

A non-dedicated pump does not require a dedicated line and separate booster pump so they are less expensive to install, there are no additional expenses.  Also the pool cleaner is normally a lower price.