Pool Cleaners are as Worthy as Pool Filters

Keeping a swimming pool as good as new is not a simplistic task but it is not too hard either – you just need to keep a few basic considerations in mind. First among those is that the filtration system of your pool needs to be highly efficient. It goes without saying that clean and clear pool water is a top priority for swimmers as well as the owner of the pool. With crystal clear water, not only will your pool look impressive, but also swimmers will have minimal chances of facing any health troubles. For instance, skin irritation in swimmers and corrosion of pool equipment are some of the outcomes that can result from acidic pool water. Alkaline water too can cause certain troubles such as hindrance to essential bodily functions.

In any case, dirty or chemically unbalanced pool water is bound to cause problems – it is thus always recommended that you use high-quality Pool Filters that can the trap dust particles, organic matter such as oil and lotion residues from the body of swimmers, and other debris in your pool water. The numerous pleats on these filters act as a filtering media. Working continuously for many hours, pool filters ensure complete cleanliness of water – it is however the duty of the pool owner to backwash and deep-clean them on a regular basis. Also, know the key benefits of Unicel Pool Filters.

With online stores offering as multitude of pool products, it is no longer a big deal for one to buy pool filters. Just like pool filters, pool cleaners also form an important part of the pool maintenance routine.  Saving your time and effort both, these cleaners rid your pool of impurities.

Following are some of the common types of pool cleaners available:

Pressure-Side Pool Cleaners:
Here the pressure of the return hose of the filter is used to create a vacuum that is helpful in clearing the pool water of all impurities.

Suction-Side Pool Cleaners:
Here, vacuum is created with the help of the natural suction of your pool filter. When it comes to first-class filters, several pool owners go for Intex Pool Filters. Similarly, one should choose a reputed brand while going for pool cleaners as well.

Recommended Product:

Those looking for a highly efficient cartridge for their pool filters will be more than satisfied with Unicel C 5315. Best-suited for 15 sq.ft Intex Recreation Model 51/52, 520R/530R- Type B, this cartridge has the technical specifications OEM# 59905, Filbur# FC-3752 and Pleatco# PIN20. It also features 1 7/8 holes at the top and bottom.