In order to maintain a sparkling clean swimming pool, pool filter cartridges are required. It filters fine debris and prevents the growth of harmful microorganisms, such as viruses, bacteria, larvae and other small insects. This not just ensures the hygiene of your pool but also the well being of the swimmers.

It is important to maintain pool filters properly in order to ensure their proper functioning. Besides clearing off any grime and debris that might have accumulated on your pool filters, swimming pool filters should be stored properly in containers which are clear and are not open to the elements causing wear and tear.

Muriatic acid solution should be used to scrub a filter so that any calcium deposits within the filter are removed. This increases the efficiency of the cartridge filter and offers quality result.

Since, cartridge Pool Filter has a greater surface area there are fewer clogs. Consequently, they should be rinsed off time to time to clean the filters. These filters run on lower pressure and could be easily maintained. As a result, less backpressure is exerted on the pump resulting in more flow and turnover.

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