Polaris pool accessories are known across the country for their excellent performance, innovation and eye for minute details. All Polaris pool products stand for out of the box thinking and are equipped with the most advanced features - culminating into an enhanced pool experience. Let's take an in-depth look at the Polaris suction side automatic pool cleaner and see what it’s capable of.

The Polaris ATV suction side pool cleaner is the most powerful and advanced automatic suction side pool cleaner available in the market.  This automatic pool cleaner has been completely redesigned and now has a translucent UV resistant housing and snap -on hubcaps. The pool cleaner boasts of spoke wheels and reversible tires, the second feature being a patented one.

The Polaris ATV is a tough automatic pool cleaner and offers superb climbing performance. The ATV can vacuum pool floors and walls of all inground pools, irrespective of dimension and finish. The built in reverse mechanism frees the Polaris ATV from obstacles and this is the only automatic pool cleaner that offers reverse cleaning.

The Polaris ATV directly deposits all debris into the pool filter. The flow regulator regulates the flow of water to the pool cleaner and facilitates hassle free vacuuming. There's an auxiliary inlet that keeps the water flowing to the pump, eve when the throat gets clogged with debris.

Usage - The Polaris ATV automatic pool cleaner is suitable for all inground pools.

The best part - The Polaris ATV automatic pool cleaner adds beauty to your pool with or without its agile parts in motion - it simply looks too good!