Polaris pool products is known across the country for its state-of the art pool products and manufactures an baraay of high performance automatic pool cleaners. Polaris automatic pool cleaners are known for their better functionality and easy manouverability combined with a high style element.

The polaris 360 pool cleaner is an advanced pressure side automatic pool cleaner and the follolwing specs should help you understand this Polaris automatic pool cleaner better.

The polaris 360 pool cleaner is a pressure side pool cleaner and operates without a booster pump.  The Polaris 360 is to be used for inground pools and easily connects to a pressure line dedicated solely to the automatic pool cleaner. The Polaris 360 is an all rounder - it sweeps, scrubs, acts as a swimming pool floor cleaner and vacuums the pool walls, steps and all pool surfaces efficiently. The Polaris 360 has its own dirt collection bag and collects large debris like leaves, pebbles and twigs in it. The Polaris 360 is a must have for all pool owners.

Most suitable for - The Polaris 360 is suitable for all inground pools irrespective of pool size and make - vinyl, fiberglass or concrete.

Features of the Polaris 360

1. The Polaris 360 scrubs, sweeps and vacuums all pool surfaces which include the pool walls, pool bottom and steps.

2. Te Polaris 360 is equipped with an in-line backup valve which helps this automatic pool cleaner move around with ease and frees it when it gets cornered. This makes pool cleaning uninterrupted.

3. The Polaris 360 is powered by the presure of clean water returning to your pool. This leaves the pool filter and the pool skimmer free to eliminate the contaminates.

4. The Polaris 360 prolonges the life of your pool filters because it has a unique bag that removes the debris before it reaches the pump basket or swimming pool filter.