+ Pool systems have kick-started a new trend of installing swimming pool systems in rivers. They are daunting projects and invite for fundraising. The idea of building such ponds is to allow river water come into direct contact with skin. The river water gets filtered through the pool’s walls just like a giant strainer dropped into the river.

Even for keeping +pool systems clean and dirt-free, cartridge filters are installed and allowed to function ceaselessly. Impurities microscopic in size are allowed to precipitate on the cartridge filament’s filtering surface and this continues for prolonged periods. As a result, impurities get removed from the river water that enters into the swimming + pools.

Such river pond systems has gained an iconic status and serves as a marvelous destination for weekend visitors, a haven for the locals where they can join in a community of swimmers and an attractive symbol for the surroundings.

This mesmerizing swimming pond has an elemental quality of attractiveness that makes the ponds subtle grounds for spending time during off days. The best thing is in-spite of being such a huge swimming pool they can be maintained with much ease by simply installing a Jandy Cartridge filter or embedding a Waterway Swimming pool filter cartridges in the +pools.

The huge fund collected for construction of +pools allows for experimentation and so new filtering systems as that of cartridge filters are installed on an experimental basis for maintenance of swimming ponds. It has served extremely well for the maintenance of such dynamic water bodies.