With advancement in technology, cartridges pool filters have carved a niche for themselves in the dominion of pool filters. As a matter of fact, traditional pool filters like sand and D.E filters have failed to deliver performance at par with cartridge pool filters.

This type of pool filters besides offering loads of beneficial features is also very affordable. Besides low maintenance, filter cartridges are easy to clean as the hassle of backwashing is totally eliminated in this. Every cartridge filter carries a filtration device known as the cartridge. As compared to traditional filters these filters have larger surface area. As a result, cartridge filters deliver better performance as they remain unclogged for a long period of time.

Your cartridge filter requires to be cleaned up, when the PSI reaches 8-10 PSI above its initial reading. In fact, the cleaning process is very easy and could be completed in three easy steps. All you need to do is follow the manufacturer’s instruction and remove the cartridge filter from the filter housing.

Next, you need to wash down the filter cartridge with a garden hose. Hold the garden hose at an angle of 45 degree so that debris could be removed from pleats of the cartridge filter. Rinse thoroughly with water and if still some sort of dirt, oil etc is left over the cartridge then you have to dip the solution in a commercial filter cleaner solution.

Finally, rinse the cartridge thoroughly with water and reassemble housing. Pool filters cartridges have become the preferred choice of pool owners owing to their high performance, economical price and low maintenance.