There are many pool owners who have the will as well as the budget to get a pool installed. However, not all are aware of the significance of maintaining a pool. While nobody wants to take a leap in a dirty and contaminated pool, a pool with crystal clear water is inviting. Over the years a lot of innovation has gone into the filtration industry wherein various pool maintenance equipment's and products have been manufactured to make pool maintenance a breeze.

One such revolutionary pool maintenance products include pool filters from Pentair. Besides filters there are other pool products that can make pool maintenance a breeze. High efficiency Pool Filters from Pentair remove all types of impurities such as dirt, leaves, grass, hair, body oils, sunscreen, and micro-organisms such as bacteria from the water to keep your pool water clean, clear and inviting.

swimming pool filter cartridge

You can choose from three different types of pool filters i.e. cartridge, D.E. or sand. Have a glimpse at some of the features of each filter.

Cartridge Filter - Pentair cartridge filters' with their proven design make use of special filter elements to strip particles from pool water with great effectiveness. Having superior quality filter media allows the use of smaller pumps or lesser pump speeds, which in turn minimizes energy consumption. Cartridge filter from this brand is simple to maintain and requires simple rinsing with water instead of backwashing that saves considerable amount of water.

Sand Filter – These filters are simple, efficient, and very easy to maintain. Pool water passes through a sand-filled pressure vessel. Pressure in this vessel rises as dirt and debris accumulates in the spaces between the sand particles, which makes it difficult for the water to pass across. This is when your filter requires backwashing, which includes reversing the water flow and knocking out the dirt.

D.E Filter - Diatomaceous earth, or D.E. Filters have D.E. Matter (a natural substance) as the filtering element that can traps dirt and debris as small as five microns. That means all sorts of contaminants including body oils, suntan lotions, pollens, dust and even some bacteria are caught in a D.E. filter, releasing sparkling clear, sanitized water.

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