Every pool owner buys pool filter products to keep the water of his/her swimming pool crystal clear and free of impurities. We all know that the pool filter cartridges keep the water of the pool clean and need to cleaned from time to time. Also, when required, they need to be replaced. It is advised that while cleaning or replacing the filter cartridges, the pool owner should follow the instructions stated on the manual. Many times we are unaware of the parts that are written on the manual. It is very important to have a clear understanding about the parts of the filter before you disassemble the filter. Here are some of the essential terms that every pool owner should know:


  • Clamp assembly: The clamp assembly is also known as the upper knob. This can be found on the top of the unit and is tightened with screws. When the screws of the clamp assembly are loosened, the filter head can be released. Before you unscrew the upper knob, always ensure that the pump is switched off and all the air pressure that is within the tank is released – only then loosen the screws.

  • Tank head: The passage that leads to the inner cartridge elements is the tank head. The tank head can be easily rotated manually. The tank head can be rotated to manually set the position of the pressure gauge and the air relief valve.

  • Tank: The main unit in which the cartridges are placed is known as the tank.

  • Air relief valve: The air that gets accumulated within the unit needs to be released. The air relief valve is used for releasing that air.

  • Pressure gauge: This records the reading (usually between 0-60 PSI) and indicates when the filter cartridge should be disassembled and cleaned.

  • Inlet and outlet: The dirty water of the swimming pool flows into the filter and once cleared is poured back into the swimming pool. This flow of water takes places through a pipe which is connected to the filter. The ports that connect these pipes to the filter are known as inlet and outlet.

  • Lower plug: When there is a necessity to drain the unit, the lower plug is used.

Facts about filter cartridges

  • Swimming pool cartridges are one of the most important products for a pool owner.

  • If you think that you cannot buy expensive filter cartridges, it is better to buy cheap pool filters cartridges and keep the filter functioning rather than using your swimming pool without a filter.

  • Discounted pool filter cartridges are easily available on online shopping sites.