Pool filters have been in use for generations. But never has there been a single filter that serves both spas and ponds. For this very sake, a new category of filter has been introduced that can be installed in any kind of water body. Maintenance cost of spas and pools has gone down with the launch of this new equipment.

Maintenance issues are met with quick response as this accessory offers the scope to be washed by spraying with water and rinsing in muriatic acid solutions. So, now bathing in water-bodies has become a fun filled activity as people get to swim in water that is pollutant free. This filter is very effective in trapping impurities that float on the water surface or stay mingled in water that is being used. Fitting a Vita spas cartridge filter rids spas from their inherent contaminants. Also fitting Doughboy pool cleaners or an Intex pool accessory can be good enough for keeping swimming ponds safe and dirt free.

The equipment is very beneficial for keeping ponds and spas safe. There is nothing that can qualify this equipment when it comes to cleaning water and for proper maintenance of spa and pool bodies. This equipment very effectively meets the requirements of a functional swimming pool. Ponds that operate non-stop need fitting of such equipments as then it becomes possible to rid water from all its latent impurities. The cartridge based cleaners are found to be exclusive as they have the ability to clog particles sized between 5-10 microns.