A hot tub is a luxury item, no doubt about it. After a hard day’s work, spending few minutes in your hot tub gives you a relaxing feel and takes away the stress that you have been handling all day long. It is fun and enjoyable. But your entire enjoyment comes to a halt when your spa tub is not maintained well. One of the best ways to maintain your hot tub is to install a good quality filter and change the filter as and when required.

Dreammaker Spa Filters

Need for Spa Filters

Spa filters provide defense against unwanted debris in your hot tub water. A spa filter can extend the life of your hot tub as it works with the entire purification system and keeps the water clean. One of the leading brands manufacturing spa filters is Dream Maker. Dream Maker spa filters are easy to use and clean. Dream Maker spas, hot tubs and spa filters provide you effective solutions for all your hot tub problems. A wide range of hot tub filters and other accessories that are compatible with almost every type of hot tubs are available today.

Maintenance Tips For Your Spa Filter

Clean Your Spa Filter Regularly: To obtain clear water, proper filtration is required. Most hot tubs use cartridge filter as it can easily filter spa water and it requires less maintenance. As debris and mineral particles from hard water can clog any type of filter, it is recommended to clean the filters each month to keep hot tub’s water flowing properly.

Filter Rotation: It is better to keep two spa filters, so that when you clean the dirty filter, the other one can be used. Rotating two filters make your filters last longer and also help to keep your tub clean.

Spray With a Hose: Spray each cartridge spa filter with a garden hose. The filter should be thoroughly sprayed so that any debris between filter pleats can also be removed.

Drying: It is very essential to dry up the filter after it is cleaned. It eliminates the bad odor and resident microorganisms.

Use Filter Cleaner: To keep your filters in a good condition, use filter cleaner.

Replace Filters: It is highly advisable to replace spa filters every 3 years so that each time you take a dip into your bath tub, you experience unending pleasure and relaxation.