Along with maintenance of swimming pool equipment, treatment of pool water is also necessary. Some of the major treatment measures have been explained in this blog.


Besides filtration and circulation, the water in your swimming pool needs to clear some tests so that you can make sure that its quality is up to the mark.Pool maintenance needs servicing of pool equipment as well as analysis of pool water. Following are the quality tests that need to be done on swimming pool water.

Balanced pH

The acidity or alkalinity of pool water is an important factor for those who swim in the pool. This factor is determined with the help of pH scale reading. The pH scale has readings from 0 to 14 among which 7 is the neutral reading. Your pool water is acidic if it has a pH level of below 7. On the other hand, if pH level is above 7, your pool water is basic or alkaline.

The optimal pH value for pool water lies between 7.2 and 7.8. Test your pool water, estimate the pH value and make the necessary adjustments to bring the value to normal level. Every chemical you add to your pool water has its own pH, and thus will slightly affect the pH value of water as well. You need to keep this in mind while adding chemicals to pool water.
Follow these steps to test and adjust pH of your pool water:

  • From the kit given by the pool supplier, take measured container and collect a sample of pool water in it.
  • Add an indicator solution to the water sample. Note the color change and estimate pH value according to the color change chart.
  • If pH value is higher than normal, add dilute hydrochloric acid to pool water. If the value is below normal, add sodium carbonate solution.

Abnormal pH levels also have an effect on the chlorine levels in the pool water. For instance, if pool water is too acidic, it loses chlorine to the atmosphere. However, if the water is too alkaline, chlorine sanitizer does not work effectively.

Sanitizer levels

You also need to check sanitizer levels in your pool. Normally, swimming pools use chlorine or bromine as sanitizer. The function of sanitizer is to kill the microbes in pool water. Optimal level of chlorine in pool water is 1 to 4 ppm.

Recommended Product:

Along with pool water treatment, maintenance of pool filtration system also is necessary. It mainly involves cleaning and replacement of pool filter cartridges.

Unicel 5CH35 is a highly recommended cartridge for pool filters. It has effective filter media which removes impurities from pool water. Filbur# FC-0300, OEM # 20042 and Pleatco # PAS35P are technical specifications of this cartridge. It is 8 inches long and 5 5/8 inches wide. Moreover, it has a semi-circular handle on top and 1 1/2 inch open hole at bottom.