To keep your swimming pool in the best condition, it is important to carry out a few tasks on a regular basis. Read on to know the must-do things to avoid swimming pool problems.

Must-Do Things to Avoid Swimming Pool Problems

A swimming pool installed in your backyard can provide you a pleasurable experience after a long and tiring day of work. However, to enjoy the benefits of the swimming pool for a long period of time, it is important to take good care of the same.

One of the important parts of the a swimming pool is a pool filter. The first thing that must be kept in mind by a pool owner is to install quality parts. Out of the three kinds of filters available, cartridge filters, are best suited for swimming pools. Jandy Zodiac filter cartridges are well-known for their performance and durability. However, to ensure the long life of these cartridges, it is vital to perform few tasks. Let us have a look at them:

Cleaning the Swimming Pool Filter Cartridges:

A dirty filter can give rise to many pool issues, thus it must be ensured that the swimming pool filter cartridges are cleaned from time to time. As a part of the weekly regime, the pool owner must backwash the filters. To do the same, make use of a garden hose and remove dirt from the filter. Make sure you do not apply too much pressure on the filter, else the dirt will get settled further into the cartridge. Once cleaned, leave the cartridge out in the sun until it dries out completely; only then install the cartridge back into the filter. Apart from this, the monthly schedule must include deep cleaning of pool filter cartridges. To deep clean the cartridge, make a solution using pool chlorinator and water in the ratio of 1:6. Soak the cartridges overnight in the solution and rinse off with water the next day.

Cleaning and Vacuuming the Swimming Pool:

Many pool owners make the mistake of not cleaning and vacuuming their swimming pool. The pool gets clogged with numerous impurities. Even though the filter captures all the dirt present in the swimming pool, it is important to clean and vacuum the pool from time to time. If the pool remains clean, the swimming pool filter cartridges will have to pull in less impurities, which means less consumption of energy and also, the cartridges will work for a longer span of time. Some of the tasks that can be done to keep the pool clean are:

  • Sieving out leaves, dead bugs from the surface of the swimming pool using a net.
  • Taking a shower before entering the pool.

Replacing the Filter Cartridge:

It is no hidden fact that none of the filter cartridges can last forever, and need to be replaced when required. A pool owner must observe the pool and assess whether it is time to replace the filter cartridges or not. If you find the swimming pool water dirty even after you have been running the filter cartridge for a long period of time, it is certainly time to replace the cartridges. To find the best pool filter cartridge replacement make sure you note down the specifications of the original filter- this can make the task of searching for a replacement pool filter easy.