Swimming pools need to be serviced so that they are completely safe for the users. Following blog explains some major steps for monthly servicing of pools.

Monthly Service Routine for Swimming Pools and Cartridge Filters

Like any other important part of your house, your swimming pool also needs proper maintenance to stay in the best working condition. In swimming pool maintenance, there is a whole list of tasks that need to be done on a regular basis. The crucial ones among these are servicing of pumps and pool filters, cleaning of the pool and replacement of pool water.

Most of the swimming pools today use cartridge filters. Compared to sand filter and DE filter, cartridge filter is more efficient. Furthermore, the installation, use and maintenance of cartridge filter is quite simple.

There is a monthly service routine that needs to be followed for a swimming pool. This routine varies in different pools. However, some servicing measures are common.

Here are the steps for the monthly servicing of pools:

Analyze the Pool Water Thoroughly

You can get a sample of water analyzed by local specialists. In case there is any kind of imbalance in the water, the experts will let you know and give useful advice for the same. The water sample is normally tested for pH, chlorine levels, calcium hardness, total alkalinity, cyanuric acid, metallic compounds and dissolved solids. Your pool water will not have any problem if you have been adjusting its levels accordingly.

Clean the Pool Filter

Another major step in the servicing of swimming pool is remove all the dirt from the pool filter. The pool filter and its cartridges both need to be cleaned regularly. While cleaning the filter, check it for leaks, cracks or any other problems and make the necessary repairs.

The cartridges of the filter need to be replaced if they are damaged or too old. Sometimes it may be necessary to replace the whole filter. You can choose Artesian Spa filters as a replacement for the old filter.
Along with the pool filters, you should clean the walls and floor of the swimming pool as well. This way you can remove a large portion of unwanted debris, algae and other dirt from the pool, and thus reduce the load on the pool filter.

Implementing the above mentioned steps, you can service your swimming pool in an effective manner.

Recommended Product

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