How Modern Jacuzzi Pool Filter Cartridges Are Better Than Traditional Filters

To keep your swimming pool crystal clear and dirt free, it is essential to choose a perfect pool filter along with pool accessories. Basically, a detailed research should be conducted in order to check both the capacity and functionality of the filter. However, due to the advent of technology, today various companies have come up with technologically updated Jacuzzi pool filters, which are way more advanced than that of the modern ones. In the present time, various companies offer quality pool filter products as well as filter cartridges. Modern pool filters are quite good and offer optimum performance in comparison to conventional ones; below are some of the factors that make the modern filters much improved.

Installing Jacuzzi Pool Filter Cartridge

Unlike the old filters, installing modern filters like Blue Ridge Spa Filters by Jacuzzi is very easy and comfortable. Moreover, conventional filters require a huge space for installation, where the modern ones can be fit into a smaller place. Contemporary filters have a plastic coating on the cartridges, which is installed inside it. This makes modern filters, compact and portable, but they require a lot of protection when installed in the pools. And for the protection, small concretes should be constructed on the pool walls and later filters must be fitted on the surface. These filters are also covered with wired lead provide for an extra-protection of the filter.

Traditional filters need backwashing, which entails wastage of water in abundance and few traditional filters require recurrent replacement, which makes them an expensive option; whereas the modern ones are free from both of these obstacles. Modern filters have filtering element, crafted using different pleats of filter paper, which help in trapping dirt and debris from the pool. Also, cartridges are easy to clean as well as trouble-free to replace in this type of filter. Further, these types of filter have a larger surface area, due to which filters do not clog frequently and require less maintenance. Another great advantage of modern pool filters is that the cleaning process is quite easy and needs no backwashing. The only requirement is that you need to remove the cartridge element and rinse it down with a hose.