Every pool owner understands the importance of replacing the filter cartridges when they stop functioning in a efficient manner. However, there are a few things that must be kept in mind while choosing a pool filter cartridge replacement. It is extremely important to measure the original filter cartridge carefully, so that the replacement cartridge fits properly into the filter without any hassle. Moreover, it is best to choose a replacement cartridge of the same brand as that of the original cartridge. Furthermore, it is a great choice to choose branded products like Atlantic pool products as they are reliable and durable. Now comes the question of how one should measure the filter cartridge. Let us have a look at how you must get started.

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Measuring the width: The first thing to do is measure the width of the cartridge. By measuring the width, we mean measuring the diameter of the cartridge. The widest point from one end cap's outside edge to the other outer edge will be your diameter.

Measuring the length: The length is the elongated measurement from one side of the end cap's outside to the other end. While choosing a replacement cartridges there might be a difference of about 1/8" as the filter cartridges can shrink while being used.

Measuring the opening diameter: Some swimming pool filters consist of an opening in one end while some have both top and bottom openings. If there is a taper or a slotted hole, make sure you do not include them while noting down the measurement. The filters that are closed from the top generally have pinholes. While measuring the opening diameter, these pin holes must be ignored.

Types of filter threads
It is extremely important to determine the thread type for proceeding further. The filter will either have fine threads or coarse threads. The fine threads are also better known as NPT or MPT and the coarse threads are also popular by the name of SAE.

Once you have carefully noted down the all the measurements and have determined the type of filter threads, you can start your search for a replacement filter. Choosing a replacement cartridges from a reputed online store is undoubtedly a great choice as these replacement filters are available at economical prices on the online stores.