Marquis Spa Filter-Offering Un-interrupted Spa Experience

marquis spaNothing could be better than slipping into your Marquis spa at the end of a tiring and stressful long day. The warm water and pulsating jets help you relax and rewind better allowing you to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. In addition to complete rejuvenation and relaxation, your Marquis spa offers numerous health benefits as well.

Designed using most advanced technology; these spas offer everything you require in one powerful package i.e. pure relaxation, connection and therapy. To ensure years of un-interrupted hassle free performance from your Marquis Spa proper and regular maintenance should be accomplished.

Your hot tub water is susceptible to get contaminated with body oil, scum, etc. that contaminates spa water every time somebody takes a dip in the pool water. Consequently, the need to get it filtered on a regular basis arises. Marquis spa filter functions efficiently to filter all sorts of contaminants from the water making it fit for next usage.

Since, hot tub spas have limited accumulation of water; the contaminants tend to get more concentrated in the water, which arouses the need for additional sanitation. Marquis spa filter cartridges have many such features that besides providing regular spa water filtration provide sanitized and hygienic bathing environment.

These spa filters feature antimicrobial product protection that prevent the growth of disease causing microbes such as bacteria, fungi, and mold. Furthermore, the cartridge filtering elements have sharp pleat folds that reduce pleat flutter and ensure optimal flow of water. Additionally, the filter media uses 100 per cent Reemay spun bound polyester that makes them all the more reliable.

We at Pool Filters offer spa/ pool filters for different manufacturers such as Sundance, Jacuzzi, Marquis and others. Besides filters, we also offer other maintenance accessories that are essential for proper upkeep and maintenance of your pool. Free shipping of products, superior quality and affordable pricing make pool filters one stop shop for pool owners.