For a spa owner, the joy of taking refreshing dips comes with the responsibility of maintaining the spa. Needless to say, unless your spa gets all the care and attention it needs, you will not get the pleasure you expect. Furthermore, there are several good reasons for you to keep your spa in a good condition.

Spa Cover

First and the most disgusting problem that arises due to improper spa maintenance is dirty water. No matter how soothing your spa is, you will never be tempted to enter it when it has dirty water. Only a robust spa filter can help one maintain the cleanliness and clarity of spa water, which is why people choose spas from reputed brands such as Sunrise. Crafted meticulously, Sunrise spas are known to have an efficient water filtration system. With time, however, a spa filter starts losing its ability to trap impurities. At one point, it becomes necessary to replace the filter. Fortunately, Sunrise spa replacement filters are available on a number of online stores today.

The efficiency of a spa filter primarily relies on its cartridges. It is thus necessary to clean these cartridges regularly and replace them in case they are damaged or too old. As far as the replacement is concerned, Sunrise spa filter replacement cartridge is one of the ideal options.

Like the filtration system, every other part of spa equipment needs to be maintained properly – this includes spa covers as well. Shielding your spa from several adverse factors, these covers deserve a proper maintenance routine.

With the following measures, you can enhance the durability of your spa cover:


Make it a point to apply a protectant solution on your vinyl spa covers. This ensures protection from the harmful rays of the sun. A first-grade marine or soap application protectant is apt for vinyl covers.

Minimal Use of Bromine:

Bromine is one of the most commonly used spa sanitizers. While it serves an important purpose that is preventing the growth of microbes in spa water, it can result in peeling on the lower side of your spa cover. On excessive use of this sanitizer, your cover can even become brittle. It is thus better to limit the use of bromine in spa water.

Recommended Product:

Unicel 7CH-32

Complying with technical specifications Pleatco # PCS32P, OEM # 100432, 3301-1018 and Filbur# FC-0425, Unicel 7CH-32 proves to be a highly efficient spa filter replacement cartridge, rendering clean and clear spa water. Suitable for Coleman spas, Sunrise spas, Water Edge spas, Maax spas od az and California Cooperage, this filter cartridge measures up to high-quality standards. 8 inches long and 7 inches wide, this cartridge features a semi-circular handle and a 1 1/2 inch Male MPT at top and bottom respectively.