Keeping the Pool Vacuum Line Cleared of Objects

Vacuuming is an important procedure that helps to remove the debris from the swimming pool water. Obstructions in the vacuum line may interfere with this process. It is thus necessary to keep the vacuum line clear of unwanted objects. Following measures can be implemented to keep the vacuum line clear:

Troubleshooting the Vacuum Line:

Initially, you can follow some basic steps to troubleshoot the vacuum line. The steps are as follows:

  • First, the skimmer baskets need to be checked for debris. Uncover each basket and get rid of leaves and small wooden sticks if any, then run the vacuum. A basket having too much of debris will hamper the functionality of the vacuum.
  • Switch off the motor and open the basket pot. Depending on the design of pool motor, the location of basket pot varies in different pools. You should refer to the owner's manual for figuring out its exact location.
  • At the end of garden hose, attach a 2-inch bladder bag. Put this bladder bag into the basket pot. Open the skimmer by turning its valve. Once the skimmer is completely open, turn on the hose and wait till the bladder bag expands and starts pumping water through the line.
  • If the bladder bag setup does not work, you can use a drain snake. Insert it into the vacuum line and run it all along to remove the obstructions.

Monitor the Assembly of Valves:

After troubleshooting the vacuum line, you need to check the valve assembly. Here are the steps for that:

  • Refer to the manual to know the exact location of valves and disassemble the intake valves. The location of valves varies in different pools. The function of valve is to direct the suction either towards the skimmer or towards the drain. The valve normally has a 90 degree elbow. Most of the blockages in the vacuum systems occur at this point.
  • You can loosen the valve assembly by removing the screws at its top. Then lift the lid gently.
  • On the skimmer side, place the bladder and hose setup and turn on the hose, so that water flows through the line.
  • When you are done, fix the lid back in its place by reattaching the screws.

Recommended Product:

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