Hot tub spas have become the ultimate way of melting away the stresses of day to day life in a great way. Sundance spas have become one of the most sought after hot tubs spas purchased for the sake of personal use. Made in California, these spas were bought out by Jacuzzi quite a few years ago.

pool productsWhile many Sundance spa filters use the skimmer type of filter canister that lays on its side other spa models of this brand make use of a pre-filter besides the standard cartridge. Since, filters are the first line of defence against all sorts of contaminants; they should be monitored and maintained to ensure better performance from your spa.

Howsoever, well you maintain, it is recommended that the cartridge filtering be thrown away after about 6 months of use as reuse beyond this time period could lead to impurities finding their way back into the water. You can replace your worn-out filtering element with compatible filters which are usually non-branded and generic.

Replacement Sundance spa filters cartridges are made with quality Reemay brand filter media that help trap both large and small particles including oils, lotions and other contaminants from the spa water to keep your spa water clean and sanitized. In fact, the compatible spa filters offer performance at par or at times better than their original counterparts.

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