Keeping the pool filter in your swimming pool is essential to keep it clean and healthy. The cartridges of the filter should be cleaned regularly to increase its longevity and to make it perform effectively. Any grime or debris that is accumulated on the filter must be cleaned right away and any damage to the filter must also be fixed. If the damage cannot be fixed then it is advisable to replace the old filter for a new one.


The filters must be stored in a clean place which is free from corrosion and damage. It must also be ensured that rodents and other pests cannot reach the filters because they may also cause damage to the filters and the cartridges.


Clogging is another factor which might prevent the filter from performing to its full capacity. It is thus advisable to use a clarifier for your swimming pool. The clarifier helps the filter to trap the dirt easily and that will in turn keep your pool free from debris.

Chemical Cleaners

There are a number of chemical cleaners available for pool filters and cartridges. Find out the one most suitable for your requirements and use it to clean the filter regularly.

Cleansing and Scrubbing

Cleansing is extremely vital for a pool which experiences more number of swimmers. Scrub the filter using a washing liquid to cleanse off any lotion or other debris that might have accumulated in the filter. Muriatic acid can be used to scrub off any Calcium deposits from the filter.

Using the above mentioned maintenance tips, you can easily increase the longevity of the cartridges and increase the effectiveness of filters while incurring less costs to change/replace them.