Maintaining Above Ground Pools with Quality Pool Filters

An above ground swimming pool is definitely a great luxury. Taking care of these pools involves many tasks such as the use of high-quality pool filters.

Following blog will provide some useful information on maintenance of above ground pools.

After becoming a pool owner, you need to analyze each and every detail about it and know how to maintain it. If necessary, you can consult local pool service engineers. Whether you have an in-ground swimming pool or an above-ground pool, you need to dedicate ample time and effort for its maintenance.

Above-ground pools are not very different from in-ground pools. However, equipment for above-ground pools can be operated more easily when compared to that of in-ground pools. There are certain basic requirements of above-ground swimming pools such as proper filtration, regular cleaning, normal pH, and optimal level of chlorine. Filtration is the most important requirement for any pool. For any pool owner, choosing high-quality pool equipment such as hayward pool filter replacement parts, should be a high priority.

Cleaning Above-Ground Pools

Cleaning an above-ground pool takes almost the same effort as that for an in-ground pool. Tools and procedures for cleaning are same for both types of pools. In case there are trees near your above-ground pool, you need to follow the steps explained below:

  • First step is to skim your pool. To get rid of floating debris, you can use a wall skimmer, However, this skimmer cannot handle a wind storm. It is thus better to use a leaf skimmer. Attach it to the end of a pool pole and pull it across pool surface. If your pool has a few leaves, you can use a flat skimmer net to pull them out. On the other hand, if there are too many leaves in your swimming pool, you can use a leaf rake to remove those from pool floor.
  • Vacuuming is another important step in cleaning your pool. Fix vacuum head on the end of the pole and connect it to a vacuum hose. Immerse the vacuum head in water and fill the hose with water by connecting its other end to the return fitting. Push this end so that it reaches the bottom of skimmer basket.

Besides following above steps, you also need to install quality pool filters. In many aspects, cartridge filters prove to be better than sand filters and DE pool filters.

Maintaining Your Pool Filtration System

Like any other part of pool equipment, filtration system also needs to be maintained properly. Replace the cartridge of your filter if it is damaged or has been used for a long time. Make sure you choose the best pool filter cartridges for this purpose.

Recommended Product

Unicel C 7489 is a highly recommended replacement cartridge for swimming pool filters. It conforms to technical specifications Filbur # FC-1275, Pleatco # PA112 and OEM # CX875RE. 25 1/2 inches long and 7 inches wide, this cartridge features quality filter media which effectively removes dust, debris and other impurities from pool water.  It has 3-inch open holes at top and bottom