Maintain Your Pool with Convenience and Ease

Filtration by far is the important step in pool maintenance. If you analyze closely, you’ll notice that your pool is constantly being contaminated. Each time a swimmer steps into the pool, the pool is contaminated by thousands of microbes and the same cycle is repeated in case of falling debris. The easiest way to get rid of these microbes is chlorine, but chlorine levels need to administer at all times as excessive amount can cause irritation in your eyes and that would just take the fun out of swimming.

Every pool owner should use the following equipment to administer the level of chlorine-

  • Chlorine Floaters-
    Chlorine floaters can store multiple chlorine tablets inside them and conveniently dispense it all over your pool. This is a convenient way of adding chlorine but avoid these if you have children or pets as ingestion of chlorine can be harmful.
  • Automatic Chlorinators-
    These Chlorinators will help you administer the exact amount of chlorine that is being disseminated in your pool or hot tub. There are mainly two types of chlorinators- In-line chlorine feeders which are directly installed into the plumbing system and Off-line chlorinators which indirectly use the pressure of your plumbing system and unlike In-line chlorinators are not installed with PVC pipes.

Every pool owner should make a note that chlorine only cleanses your pool and gets rid of microbes but to prevent other kinds of microscopic impurities, you’ll need a quality filter. Intex Recreation is brand that is being by plenty of pool and spa owners and is popular for its impeccable filtration.

Before you venture out into buying a quality pool filter it is important to know beforehand that cartridge filters are easier to install and maintain. Through various online stores, you can access different Intex pool filters type along with the convenience of comparing between brands. With a quality filter comes optimum hygiene along with a few additional responsibilities; a cartridge filter is easier to maintain and just needs to be backwashed with a garden hose fortnightly.

Intex Type A pool filters have also become common as well as synonymous with complete hygiene. Pool maintenance can be easy if done correctly and duly.