Hot tubs have these days become great source of fun and relaxation within your house. Fresh, clean and sparkling water in your hot tub can refresh and rejuvenate you from within. However, to maintain such excellent quality of water, it is recommended to install a high-quality hot tub filter to enjoy the quality of water while enhancing the lifespan of the hot tub.

A hot tub filter can trap all sorts of microscopic and large particles, which otherwise can clog your hot tub pump. In other words, your hot tub filter can prevent the pump from getting clogged. It is therefore necessary to maintain your hot tub cartridge filters by ensuring regular cleaning. However, even with regular cleaning, the core media i.e. the filter paper that does the filtering, clogs up to the extent that it no longer is able to filter particles out of the water.

Hot tub filter cartridgesThis can damage your hot tub in different ways such as wearing seals which can cause your pump to leak, and can also cause malfunctioning of the entire circulation system. So, besides cleaning the hot tub filter regularly, you also need to ensure regular replacement of the filter every year or so for optimum hot tub performance. While regular cleaning can increase the longevity of theses filters, replacement depends largely upon frequency of spa usage.

With numerous brands offering hot tub filter cartridges, it is indeed easy to become bewildered.  So, if you are thinking of buying a hot tub filter, make sure you buy a quality hot tub filter from a reputed dealer.

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