Spa or pool maintenance has been intimidating and an extremely complex process for many. People often get confused between the jargons and get the basic pool chemistry wrong. Another glaring error which you will commonly find is that spa-owners usually ignore cleaning and maintaining the equipment. Everyone should incorporate cleaning their equipment along with regular skimming in pool maintenance activities.

One thing all of us can do to simplify the procedure is to have a thorough knowledge about pool filters. There are mainly three types of filters which are as follows-

  • Sand Filters- These filters get rid of impurities through a fine mixture of sand and gravel. This mixture traps the smallest of dirt particles and you get a cleaner pool as a result.
    Sand Filters
  • Cartridge Filters- These filters have a pleated cartridge that can be conveniently washed and efficiently gets rid of even the microscopic impurities. Read, on to know how cartridge filters are effective for pool maintenance?Cartridge Filters
  • D.E. filters- D.E. filters stand for Diatomaceous Earth filters and these filters have a complex mechanism. They have specialized sieves that have an adhesive mixture of exoskeletons of Diatoms; all the impurities floating around your pool get stuck to these filter grids

From the above points, most of you must have realized that the main difference in the filters lies in the medium of filtration. As a pool or spa owner, who is barely able to manage time for pool maintenance should go for a filter that can be easily cleaned, maintained and saves you from unnecessary hassles. Cartridge pool filters are easy to clean and maintain and moreover one can get best of pool filters cartridges online.

Pool filter cartridges only need to be cleaned using a garden hose after every two weeks. To give it a thorough cleaning, you just need to immerse it in a non-foaming solution and scrub it with brush lightly. These two techniques are sufficient to get rid of algae, dirt particles and other impurities that get stuck on the surface. One should always go for a quality cartridge and if you’re looking for hassle-free installation and efficient cleaning then you can definitely give Jacuzzi brothers pool filters a try.

You should also know that no matter how thorough and how duly you maintain your equipment, they are bound to wear out. Pool filters are supposed to be replaced timely or else they would just take a toll on pool hygiene. Ideally, a cartridge filter should be replaced yearly or in case you notice a constant fluctuation in the filter pressure.